1. When are the girls’ birthdays?

Libby: Sept. 1st. Birth story is here

Maggie: October 25th. Her birth story is here

2. Where are you sending them to school?

Starting on fall 2022, they will both be in a Metro Nashville Public school. I can’t believe I will have two elementary school age kids! No more babies.

3. Are you going to go back to work?

Ish? I’ve always kind of been a mishmash of randomly employed anyhow, and now “Mommy” is added to my list of job titles.

2020 pretty much busted up my “plans,” as it did for many. I was slowly stepping back into the acting scene, but I’ve stepped back again. I’m having trouble convincing myself to invest in the necessary marketing stuff & learn all the tech stuff now necessary for auditioning and promoting yourself. So currently I’m just sticking to live improv theatre. I perform and teach at Third Coast Comedy Club and with Unscripted, altogether I probably average 10hrs/wk. 2023 will be another reevaluation.

4. Are you going to have another one?

God help me, NO. Not in the plan anyhow. But life can be unexpected so I’m trying not to be totally shut down about it. That said: NO.


One thought on “FAQ

  1. Dear Sweet and Wondrous Mary Claire, You are so amazing and real. You should be writing a novel or star in a Real Mothers of Nashville show that YOU write! You reveal everything that everyone else feels. It is so loving and true. I thank you, as it brings back very wonderful and gross memories that fill me up! Love to you all, Layne


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