30 Days Hath September

Libby is 1 month old!!

One month! Dressed up like a doll

One month! Dressed up like a doll

It’s been a whole month, and my sweet baby girl is alive & well. What have we been up to? Here it is by the numbers:

Libby’s weight & length at her two-week appt: 9lbs, 22.25in.
That’s 75th percentile for weight & 97th percentile for height. Shocker! She’s gonna be tall.

Times per day I feed her: 8-12
Breastfeeding is testing mommy’s patience & mild ADD b/c I can literally do nothing but sit & feed her & because she needs head support & breast support since she hasn’t figured out her neck or her arms yet. It takes 15-45 min. each time. Any attempts at multi-tasking do not end well for my nipple. Keeping the radio on helps so I can sing along or listen to NPR & I’m not just thinking “when will she be done eating?” over & over.

Diapers used: 380
And counting. I wish I was exaggerating. She probably needs to be changed again as I type this. Her favorite trick is holding in the next round until the moment you put the new diaper under her butt, killing two diapers a at one change. Which I guess is better than spraying us each time (although she’s done that too…)

Hehehe, take that photo while I fill this diaper

Hehehe, take that photo while I fill this diaper

Visitors: 14
I’m not supposed to take Libby out very much in public b/c it’s flu season & she’s a newborn & her little immune system is still getting up & running, so it’s been really awesome of people to come by & meet her & hang out with me for a little bit. Some have even brought us food & gifts which has been amazing.

Number of times I’ve showered & gotten dressed: 7
Here’s the thing, anything I put on will be shortly covered in breast milk/pee/spit-up. Plus I need to be ready to nap at a moments notice, so being perpetually in pjs is just practical… And like I said, not supposed to take her out much anyway. However, I did manage to figure out the Moby wrap, a gift from one of Brian’s co-workers, so that was a win for better mobility.

Most hours I’ve slept in a stretch since giving birth: 3
Who needs sleep? It’s all about the power naps. Libby’s not that bad – only one completely sleepless night so far, but she wore herself out so bad, she slept almost the entirety of the next day. Sleepless nights are harder on Daddy b/c he has to go to work where there are fewer napping opportunities.

Amount of weight that has fallen off me since giving birth: approx 35lbs.
Seriously. I was around 210-215 the week I went into labor & I’m 175-180 now. Just pushing a baby out & breastfeeding – still eating around 2500 calories a day (or as close to that as I can steal the time to shovel in my mouth). It’s crazy. I’m counting the days to my follow-up OB appt though because I’m actually looking forward to getting into a new exercise routine (…there’s a phrase I never thought I’d utter…). Sounds strange, but I think it will make me feel like my body is at least partially my body again, as opposed to just a host & foods source for this tiny new life.

This month has simultaneously felt like a day & a lifetime. A text my friend Jennifer sent me sums it up:

It’s pretty incredible the first weeks where it’s just you guys and the rest of the world kind of falls away.

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8 thoughts on “30 Days Hath September

  1. I know it sounds contrite, but those first few months are crazy – pretty much like you’ve described is true for everyone who has a newborn – then it becomes less stressful, more fun, more predictable (especially sleep times), and if you think she’s the ultimate of cuteness now, just wait. You won’t believe how fast they change, how much they tug at your heart, and how these musings of yours will be just a distant memory as they grow and change. Hang in there Brian and MC!


  2. Congratulations! When we had R, my best friend gave me the best advice (as best friends do). She said, “Give it a month.” Breastfeeding, hormone purging, redefining yourself .. it doesn’t all happen in a month, but it seemed like somewhere around that 4-6 week period I started recognizing myself as the mom. I kept jazz albums and great books by my rocking chair and did hours upon hours and miles upon miles of rocking between the two kids. It’s time I’ll never, ever regret. ❤ ❤ to all three of you. Can't wait to meet Libby in person!


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