Doctor Doctor, Gimme the News

Libby had her check-up at the pediatrician today & she is a healthy little girl!

I'm going where today??

I’m going where today??

And at 14lbs 11oz, 24.5in at 10 weeks old, she’s also a big girl. My arms & back knew it before the scale told me.

Also discussed:

Congestion – Humidifier is good. Sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower steaming it up is good. If it gets really bad, we can get one of those NoseFrida baby nasal aspirators.

Vitamin D – Got my new drops physician approved. Last time we were told we needed to be giving her a Vitamin D supplement & Enfamil D-Vi-Sol was recommended. Well, the stuff is disgusting, plus artificial flavor & artificial color. And you’ve got to give her a whole 1ml of it, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but to a baby who’s used to breast milk drip, drip, dripping, a syringe full of sacchariney sweet ick is disconcerting. She hates it & spits a good amount of it out every time. Now if we come at her with it, she knows the smell & shakes her head & refuses to open her mouth. Frustrated, I found a new drop by a company called Carlson with a google search that seems to be recommended by many an online mom. It’s vitamin D in coconut & palm oil & the dose is one drop – much more suited for breastfeeding, I can just put it on my nipple. But is that really surprising? Enfamil is, after all, primarily a formula company, and Carlson Labs is a vitamin supplement company.

At the end of the appointment, she got a round of immunization shots. She was so good though! She got really upset while she was being pricked, but once it was over & I got to pick her back up, she calmed down quickly. Now we’re back home & napping off the trauma.

Post-Trauma Nap - I got 5 shots! :(

Post-Trauma Nap – I got 5 shots! 😦

I have been so looking forward to this check-up. I guess I crave validation that I’m not messing up. As if the pediatrician declaring her healthy & okay & on track developmentally somehow means I’m “passing” the parent test so far. I am, after all, an overachieving student all grown up (well, grown up in the sense that I have a spouse, a mortgage, and a daughter…) & despite all the soul-searching, anti-anxiety tricks, competent support system of family & friends & a seemingly happy baby, I guess I’m still looking for that validation from an authority that I’m doing a decent job. That I’ve noticed everything. That I haven’t unwittingly been doing wrong things. That I’m not already, in week 10, failing as a parent. Because I know stuff will happen I can’t control, & Brian & I will make plenty of mistakes, but I’d like to make it as long as possible without breaking her 🙂

7 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor, Gimme the News

  1. I just love these posts! You say everything that EVERY new and d mothers think. She is just beautiful, of course, and I send you all so much love!


  2. You’re doing a great job, MC! Libby looks like she’s thriving. 🙂 I had the same experience with the Vitamin D drops. Who thought a newborn would want to swallow 1 mL of something that smells (and I assume tastes) like cherry cough syrup?? The Carlson stuff works so much better. I also have a NoseFrida – I find it helpful to use a couple of drops of saline solution with it too, to soften up the snot before sucking it out. (Yummy!) And in case you’re wondering, since I didn’t realize this before looking closely – there is a sponge filter thing in the NoseFrida that keeps you from sucking the snot into your mouth. (Double yummy!)


    • My pediatrician warned me about that! Haha! Thanks for the saline tip. Yeah that D-Vi-Sol stuff was clearly made to be put in formula or cereal. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to accuse them of making it awful so worried parents will start bottle feeding/supplementing just so they can mix that stuff in & make sure they get the D. But I shouldn’t assume the worst of corporations like that 😉


  3. Oh, man, I totally get that feeling of wanting the doc’s approval. I have a couple of awesome friends that I can call up at random and say I don’t need any particular advice, I just need them to come over and tell me I’m doing fine. It sounds kind of ridiculous, but it really helps!


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