We went strawberry picking for Mother’s Day & it was so good for my soul!


Prior to 2020, we’d just started to try to make this a Mother’s Day tradition. Last year, 2021, I was still too overwhelmed by the 2020 consequences spill-over, and then we ended up at Brian’s uncle’s funeral in Omaha anyway. So this year I really paid attention & made sure we got our tickets to the Green Door Gourmet Mothers Day pop-up strawberry picking.

The girls really got into it – strawberry picking is a lot like an Easter egg hunt. You have to find the ripe, red ones, and you have to look under the leaves and down the row. They loved “taste testing” (Green Door Gourmet does not spray their fields, so no pesticide coatings on their berries to deter in-the-field snacking) and showing me all the weird-shaped berries and perfect-shaped berries and generally just being excited.

“Mommy it feels like we’re on a trip today but we didn’t have to sit in the car for long at all!” – Maggie

The weather could not have been more perfect. We followed it up by checking out a brand-new to us coffee shop on the west side for pastries and lattes before heading back home.

4 thoughts on “Revival!

  1. Hey MC!! I see you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your beautiful family! I’m just happy to see you all and hear about you!
    The girls are so grown up. How old are they, and where are they in school?
    Even though we don’t have contact often, I hold you and yours in my heart🌸

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