Let’s Get Back on the Wagon

Okay, okay, I know. I totally stopped posting at one year. But life got a little hectic. Libby got more mobile. She walks (& runs!) & talks now. All. The. Time.

(Above pics from early March. Waaay too hot for that outfit now. Sweet Air Jordan sneakers courtesy of Uncle Drew)

Life with a toddler is no joke. And it seems like it just happened so fast, I’m sorry I didn’t blog to keep track of the incremental struggles & victories. I saw a social media post that described dealing with a toddler as “constant negotiations with a tiny terrorist.” It’s an exhausting cycle of no, not yet, wait, stop, don’t. I try to get in yes, okay, great, nice, thank you. I try to offer alternatives instead of just shutting her down. I try really really hard not to yell when she’s done the thing I’ve told her not to do a gazillion and one times. Because she’s not even two. But some days I just want to scream and cry and throw her in her crib and go drink a bottle of wine in a dark corner of the house. But I don’t. Mainly because I don’t keep bottles of wine in the house anymore. Because I’VE BEEN PREGNANT OR BREAST-FEEDING for TWO AND A HALF YEARS. So why buy them if I’m only allowed to have a few sips. It’s just a cruel tease.

Phew. Alright. I think I can talk about more fun stuff now. Wait, wait, she’s talking in phrases now, let me get that out… Her favorites are:

  • Libby do it!
  • Mommy/Daddy sit right here!
  • Get that baby out!
  • Go outside!
  • Libby sleep mommy daddy’s bed!
  • Libby need that!
  • Libby sit Mommy’s lap!
  • No, Mommy do it!
  • Mommy go get it!
  • No don’t like it!

Those are the things she repeats on a daily basis. Over and over. Relentlessly.

Okay, now the fun stuff! Honestly, despite some frustrating days, we have a lot of fun. She’s also just starting to pick up on storytelling, as in recalling what happened in a day. We went strawberry picking for mother’s day and a little boy took her hat at one point. So as we were walking to the car she recalled “That little boy took Libby’s hat.” And then she randomly said it again later to remind me what happened.

Mother's Day Strawberries!

Mother’s Day Strawberries!

When she got home from going to the pool with daddy this weekend & I asked if they had a good time she said “Libby and Daddy go down slide. Whoooah! Splash!” She also likes pointing stuff out – “That light is on. That light is off. That light is off too.” or “Birdie! Birdie is hopping. Birdie eat grass.” God help me when she starts commenting on strangers out loud in public, I’m sure it’s coming soon!

Libby also seems to be pretty creative & comfortable in make-believe. She scribbles with crayons and colored pencils & she loves stickers. Recently she narrated her drawing to me as she was drawing it and that was an adorable first.

"Bugggsss. Bugs! Dot,dot,dot. Beak. Blue eyes. Bluuee eeyyes birdie. Eat bugs! Birdie eating bugs. Sssssss! Eat birdie! Sssss... Biiirrrrdieeee. Back. Feet. Birdie sleeping. Saturn! Saturn. Birdie awake. Awake! Eat grass. Graaaassss."

“Bugggsss. Bugs! Dot,dot,dot. Beak. Blue eyes. Bluuee eeyyes birdie. Eat bugs! Birdie eating bugs. Sssssss! Eat birdie! Sssss… Biiirrrrdieeee. Back. Feet. Birdie sleeping. Saturn! Saturn. Birdie awake. Awake! Eat grass. Graaaassss.”

She plays with Play-Doh, sort of – mostly she tells me what to make, but in the last couple weeks she’s started experimenting with mushing it up herself and adding additional things to the stuff I’ve made. I finally got a couple little kits with the little Play-Doh tools & cookie cutter things so using those things is interesting to her too.

Stuffed animals and blocks seem to be her favorite toys right now – she likes to feed her animals (and mommy) pretend food & drink, tell them when their diapers are dirty, kiss their boo-boos etc. She has two baby dolls as well, but for some reason she’d rather pretend to put her stuffed Pooh Bear down for a nap.

And Libby still loves books. She’s getting good at the alphabet and counting too, which is kind of scary to me because she’s a little young for it, but if she’s interested why not. She recognizes & can name pretty much all the letters and the ten digits. All the expected stuff gives her pause – sixes & nines, w’s & m’s, l’s & i’s… I’m encouraging her interest but not pushing it. I am probably hyper-sensitive of the issues & challenges that can surround advanced development, plus I figure they gotta have something left to teach her in school when she gets there!

Speaking of, Libby will be starting Westminster preschool in September. She’ll attend Tuesdays & Thursdays and I’m sooo excited. Excited for her to experience school, but mostly excited for me to have some toddler-free hours each week.

What I’m currently putting off (besides an embarrassingly large pile of dishes and laundry) is potty training. She’s showing some interest and they say you should jump on that, but my doctor also told me not to bother with it until after her second birthday. Honestly I’m totally dreading it. It sounds like piles of Clorox wipes waiting to be used. It sounds likes tears and carrying around a couple changes of clothes everywhere. It sounds like frustration in public bathrooms. And they don’t just get it & boom! No, they get it and they do things like decide to hold it until they can’t anymore because they didn’t want to stop playing. Or wait until you get them all strapped into the car seat before saying “I need to pee-pee.” And I’m sure it takes a long time to get that whole get-up-and-pee-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing. Ug. I’m stressed out just typing about it. So we’ll see. Maybe next time we talk I will have gotten my act together with a game plan and all the equipment purchased. Plus Westminster says they will support potty training, and I talked to a mom who said they basically did it for her when her son started there.

There are other things going on, but we can talk about those later. Here’s April & May’s pictures. I will eventually get October thru March up on the “Just the Pictures” page.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Back on the Wagon

  1. I am so happy and excite to see pictures and read about you all! Libby is a beautiful doll! The toddler stuff is so well- described and true.
    Love to you all😍


    • Thank you! I needed to get back to sharing – we take so many random pics that no one ever sees ha. Toddler days are fun & frustrating in alternating increments 😉


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