Star Spangled

July pretty much flew by. By flew, I mean each day was long, but each week was short. As they say. Whoever “they” is. Regardless of the long and short flying, it is HOT and I’m kinda over summer. Bummer since August is still here & I’m willing to bet summer weather will hang around through mid-October at least.

So what have we been up to besides sweating? We went to the 4th of July celebration on the farm in Iowa at Brian’s aunt and uncle’s, which is always a good time. Libby was totally fearless when it came to the fireworks and exploring with Daddy. Mommy was less fearless stayed inside a lot more, citing pregnant as the excuse.

We had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends who came into town for visits.

And we went to a couple of adorable two-year old birthday parties. Libby is now obsessed with birthday parties so we are throwing her one this year. Fingers crossed it doesn’t give me an anxiety attack.

In an effort to stay cool, we’ve also been doing a lot of indoor activities, including starting to go to a music class and tots yoga at Blooma.

Music Class Crop

Sharing the big drum with buddies Kara and Kobi


The only other event of note was a terrible week last week where pregnant MC threw out her back AND got a stomach bug. It was a rough several days. I’ll spare you the gory details, but the short of it was the baby seemed to have positioned itself on a nerve so that when I did things like sit on the floor, or I dunno, sneeze, I would all of sudden be paralyzed with unbearable pain to the point of tears. Each time it happened, I had to stay as still as possible and drink water for like 20-40min until I could slowly pick movements that didn’t shoot pain arrows. So that was fun stuff. Then day two into that phenomenon, my little playgroup picked up a stomach bug – three of the kids got it & me. Luckily, it was short lived, only one night, and I didn’t pass it on to Libby or Brian (or their immune systems were more supped up than mine). One day of Daddy taking off the morning and Mimi taking off the afternoon so Mommy could rest up, plus obsessive hydration, lifting Libby as little as humanly possible, using a heating pad at first inkling of back soreness and a belly band when I’m on my feet for longer stretches seemed to have gotten the back issue under control. My OB nurse also recommended swimming, which I’ve managed to do once, which I’m pretty proud of myself and Libby for because she stayed in Yplay without crying for an entire hour. We are going to try it again this week on the same day at the same time & hope it’s the same staff at Yplay.

So here’s to hoping I, and the baby, survive third trimester in these tropical rain forest weather conditions middle Tennessee seems to have going for it.

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