Tardy Party

Yeah, lagging behind again. But late is the new normal.

…I mean, it was my old normal too, but I think child #2 might be the point where I turn into one of those people that just shows up late with no apology, no shortness of breath from running from the parking lot, no hint of guilt, but just rolls in LA-style like “hey, I’m here now” and sits down like it’s no thing.

Ha – who am I kidding, I will never be that chill. I’m the type who will apologize for apologizing. But it is true that kids make you care a little (or a lot, depending on what we’re talking about) less about certain things.

…Like showering.

Which brings me to my first month with two girls.


I wrote this post about Libby’s first month, and it’s pretty much the case all over again. Only this time around, add this:

Number of times I’ve wished I could lock my toddler in her room: I’ve lost count.

You guys, Libby is an amazing little girl & I delight in her everyday. But the truth of the matter is, getting a new baby sister is hard. She clearly misses having all the attention and it out to get it however she can. Here is an abridged list of things Libby has done while I’m stuck on the couch nursing:

  • climbed up the rocking chair, stood on it, making it violently rock
  • picked up oatmeal out of her bowl with her hands and thrown it all over the floor
  • drawn on the kitchen tile with purple crayon
  • ripped a page out of a library book
  • climbed up on the couch next to where I’m nursing, bounced, and the jumped off onto the floor
  • repetitively crashed her little riding toy into the mirror at the end of the hall, yelling “BANG!”
  • screamed “Mommy, mommy, mommy!!!!” over and over and over and over for literally no reason at all

Okay, okay, sometimes she is an angel who plays pretend by herself patiently waiting for Mommy to be done with her sister. I should focus on those moments. This is difficult though. Trying to soothe crying newborn while your toddler screams “Mommy!!” is a special ring of hell.

The other difference is that we have, to preserve my sanity, been going out more. I think I stayed home for like two months when Libby was born. Maggie, on the other hand, has been to storytime, a birthday party, the mall, the park, the grocery store, Costco, out to dinners & lunches, and of course every drop off/pick up for Libby at Westminster. All of this has made it very difficult for me to try to get her on any sort of schedule where she knows the difference between day and night, so we’ve had a few sleepless nights for sure.

Maggie’s weight & height at her two week appointment are almost the same as Libby – Maggie was a little heavier at 9lbs 8oz, but she was the same exact 22.25in. so, shocker, two tall girls. Maggie however seems to have a lot more stomach issues than Libby did. She definitely burps & spits up more and is way more upset about all her bodily functions. I was concerned about how much green poop (yep, talking about poop – yay motherhood!) and when looked it up, the most likely culprit we suspect is oversupply. Like with Libby, my breasts (yep, talking about breasts in the same breath as poop – yay motherhood!) are practically fire hoses when I first let down. I need to start pumping like yesterday and maybe this will settle down.

To sum up: I am tired. Really, really tired. Looking forward to the end of the so-called “fourth trimester.”

Y’all know I really do love my two girls. I’m excited to watch them grow into friends & I know the achy back & yawning through my days will be worth it in the end.

In the present however: Send coffee. And maybe earplugs.

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